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100% Financing Available For All Real Estate Investing opportunities. No credit – all asset based – common sense underwriting.


Are you a borrower who may :

  •  Require the higher loan amount for successful project completion.
    ⦁ Miss the funding to go it alone.
    ⦁ Be unable to obtain funding through a conventional source.

    • ⦁ Have credit, reserve, or too  many properties for traditional funding.
      ⦁ Want a private source that does not report to the credit bureaus.enter your email to get the list of properties
      ⦁ Close in a corporate or trust entity.
      ⦁ Achieve higher ROI by networking or joint venturing with others.
      ⦁ Need to reposition your property for a conventional refinance.
      ⦁ Correct a property clouded by legal or operational problems.


We specialize in financing the borrower who:
⦁ Has a real estate track record commensurate to the project.
⦁ Demonstrates a business plan and exit strategy


Dharma Capital, Inc is a private investment group with a fund in excess of $1 billion and growing.


100% Financing – No credit – Asset based


                                        Properties  Finance

                                         Income producing

Residential – Non owner occupied units,  apartments, complexes, condo/coop conversions, assisted living,  Retail, storage, industrial, office, medical, mixed use – buildings, complexes, centers

                                  Non-income producing
Land acquisition, development, construction, rehab escrows, bank workouts, foreclosures and bankruptcies.