Pulling Your Own Credit & Scores

– Control the process

– Keep your inquiries down

– Allow Lenders to see credible bureaus without allowing them to pull your credit.

When you pull your own credit, which is considered a soft pull”, you are avoiding an inquiry which can impact your score and access to credit.

When you provide your broker/lender with an authorized and respected source, the lenders involved will be able to prepare commitments prior to ever pulling credit. When you finally accept the offer, we can then provide them with the approval to “pull your credit” formally.

The best bureaus must come direct from Equifax, Experian and Transunion. Avoid the free services that offer credit. The problem with pulling directly from the big 3 is typically cost.

We have found that the cheapest alternative that is respected by lenders for all 3 bureaus and scores to be at this link below:

 Free Tri-Merge Credit with Score

Click on the above link for one free report and score from each bureau. If you would like the benefits of the service, you can continue. If not, cancel in time required. Either way, enjoy the free tri-merge and scores and please submit them to us as soon as you are able.