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Benefits of Working With Us:

  • All Credit Profiles Accepted
  • Express Funding
  • Flexible Terms
  • Competitive Rates & Terms
  • Funding in Days!
  • Simplified & Expedited Funding Process
  • Access to More Than 75+ Lenders
  • Business Financing Advisors are Ready to Help



-NO Minimum Credit Scores

-Less Paperwork

-Experienced Loan Officers

-Faster Approvals

-Faster Closings

-Options For Less or No Collateral

-Financing Available Without Income and/or Profit Requirements

-Credit Consultants Available

-Business Plan Consultants Available

We are your true, one stop shop!



Most banks and lenders don’t want to offer SBA loans to everyone. They look ONLY for the type of clients that may fit into their mold. We serve ALL clients! Dharma has worked hard to find you the best and largest variety of experienced veterans to help.

Our associates come from every area of real estate investment and business investment. We understand what you need and what it takes to get approved.

You can work one-on-one with a team that services well over $1 Billion a year in financing.


Many of our team and associates have started out with nothing; no credit, no money, but had big dreams. We know how scary it can be to venture into a new business and we want to help.

We’re here to listen, to ask questions, to truly understand what your vision is and to help you get there.

Our help isn’t just for this loan. We hope to work with you into the future, from real estate to your next business. We are in it for the long term relationship and we plan on helping and watching you get to your success.


“I have tried for years to get help and direction and I almost gave up. Thank you for helping me. I would gladly refer anyone I know.”


“I can’t thank you enough for your time and patience. I know I may have needed a lot of help, but you gave it and I am forever in your debt.”


“So fast, so nice. I really enjoyed the experience and especially the money. I really enjoyed all the money. I will come back for more, just watch me.”


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