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Earn Up To $10k/mo marketing our off-market  Real Estate Investment Deals while learning Guarded Investment secrets and strategies worth over $50k in education & experience!


Hi! Here at Dharma Capital, Inc. we’re looking for people nationwide who can help us move deals while learning how to:

– Evaluate complex commercial deals

– Negotiate with deal makers

– Identify effective exit strategies

– Market like a pro

– Invest in first deal…….& more

In exchange we pay a really nice “Marketing fee”… PLUS, as a bonus you’ll get to learn our process of investing in real estate!

Who Is Dharma Capital, Inc. And What Is the “ Real Estate Investment Marketing Affiliate” Program?

We’ve been investing in Real Estate for years and are passionate about helping investors out of their “sticky investment situations” either by purchasing their deal for a fair price or provide capital. It’s a  win-win-win solution for all.

Over the years we’ve developed multiple strategies for helping investors create more wealth. This is where we need your help (and how you can earn up to $10k per monthif you hustle)marketing and  finding deals that fit what we’re looking for… and sending them our way.

How Our Marketing Affiliate Program Works

Really, it’s much simpler than you think.

  1. You will help us generate new business as you promote our off-market deals  through different marketing program and method that we can teach you (FREE).
  2. Collect  information and update  our database
  3. We call , qualify them and work the deal.
  4. If we end up closing the deal, we’ll pay  “an aggressive marketing fee” within 7 days after the deal closes.
  5. Our best performers have potential to grow and become Account Executives (analyzing deals and consulting other investors, even more money $$$)

Join our  Marketing Affiliate Program below and … you will be on your way!

… part-time after work, while networking in your everyday life… just  follow our process, get involved and get PAID.  Plus you’ll be learning about real estate investing in the process!

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